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What We Offer

Mobile Apps

Xcelance strives to offer best, durable and long-lasting mobile technologies.

Web Design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Web Development

A custom web design is a must for any business that is aspiring to grow.


Xcelance will ensure that your website is submitted to all the major search engines using a manual submission technique.


Xcelance can help you easily to set up a secure and well-functioning ecommerce website.

Web Management

Strengthening your Business with Web Management Solutions.


Indeed, it is a collaborative effort of developing an accessible website between an organization and a suitable developer. It is not a complex process until you follow proper planning, diligent selection of a developer to work with and extensive end-user testing.

At Xcelance, we build such software products that help our clients transforming their business into advanced one. The professional team working here endeavors for the augmented and all-around development of business houses.

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Start Creating Your Website Today with Satisfaction. We are providing you free PSD Templates


Our History

Xcelance is a Digital agency that offers a wide range of services. The services offered by Xcelance include Web Development, Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, Ecommerce and Mobile Web Design. Our services are offered through a team of experts who constantly work towards adding value to our clients. Quality is a priority for Xcelance and this is one of the main reasons why the company has thrived over the last 15 years. We focus on understanding the specific requirements of each client and tailor our services to suit their needs. We are highly determined to offer you the best solution in the industry.

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Meet Our Team

Xcelance Team

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  • “ Xcelance client communication is terrific. I am a half-world away and my clock is offset by nearly 12 hours relative to my Xcelance team. If I ask a question at the end of my day I typically see an answer in the morning, and often immediate via chat when my office hours match theirs. Xcelance responsiveness gives me great confidence in their commitment to my work. ”
    -- MT, Custom Dynamics, LLC --

  • “ Xcelance understands that web interfaces, applications, and features are often a part of larger systems and user experiences. I develop athletic training systems that involve rugged hardware, electronics, and sensors that produce data for reporting and tracking. Xcelance works to understand and appreciate my larger system so they can more intuitively develop database features and user experiences for my customers. ”
    -- Mike Timmons --

  • “ I''m really happy with the level of support and service provided by Xcelance. Often, I do not have time to manage all aspects of a project, and knowing that Xcelance is part of my team helps to put my mind at ease. Great work and great service! ”
    -- Jeffrey Coleman --

  • “ Xcelance provides Alpha Nerds with continued development support that is always on-time, on-budget, and completed with the upmost professionalism. We''re happy to recommend their services to anyone looking to have their expectations exceeded. ”
    -- Alpha Nerds Media Inc. --

  • “ Team Xcelance did an excellent job for our project. Team is very efficient and skilled at completing the job. I was able to tell them the concept I was trying to achieve and they came up with the best solution available very quickly and easily. ”
    -- Aaron McRann --

  • “ Really really fast and awesome PHP programming. Team was responsive to our needs and met all of our demands in a timely manner. Thank you again!!. ”
    -- Javier --

  • “ Team at Xcelance possessed a very good understanding of the requirements of our project. They easily matched their imposed deadline of 1 week, working to complete the project very quickly. I would certainly want to work with the great team at Xcelance. ”
    -- Richard Clark --

Our Best Work

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    Solution 4 Home

    With our program, you can SELL your house on the date of YOUR choice! It can all be done in 7 days or less, regardless of the property condition or situation. In most cases, you can rent back until you are ready to move. With our program, you can SELL your house.

    Fidelity Housebuyer is a professional house buying company. Our experienced acquisition staff has helped many homeowners like yourself avoid the cost and hassles of traditional home selling.

    It doesn’t matter if you have a small house, a condo, or a luxury home… and it doesn’t matter if you have equity or not… you could have a SOLD house by this time next week, get a fair price, and move on with your future plans!

    We also specialize in Short Sales, allowing you to completely avoid a foreclosure and its consequences. Unlike real estate agents, we will purchase your house for our own portfolio, or to provide housing for relocating employees and executives. – See more at:

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    Esalne is Astrology site providing services that answer immediately to your questions and Thiratk in all areas of life as life marriage, love, children, family, money, work, health and reproduction, help and guidance in making important decisions in life, such as buying houses and property, naming the child, determine the dates of important in life, choosing a career and questions Other important.

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    Delaicon is a online tool to create and design free app icon for IOS and Android. Just need to uplaod an image and the delaicon will make all size icons with rounded transparent corners, and make previews for all IOS and android devices.
    Delaicon make it easy to add effects like glare and borders of any color of users choice, these effects will be applied dynamically at runtime (anyone can add effects to it).
    It provides a interactive and easy way to share your icon on social websites, and we also mail its unique url to any one to download icons.
    Its emerging free icon creator site.

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    Atlantic is one of the world’s largest producers of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). We produce LNG from natural gas delivered from fields in and around Trinidad and Tobago to our four-train liquefaction facility, which is located in Point Fortin, on the southwest coast of Trinidad.

    Atlantic remains a world class business, with an established and proven record in the areas of safety, plant utilisation, gas turbine reliability and sustainability. However, the company is not just an energy producer and a profitable business for Trinidad and Tobago, but it also is a catalyst for the continued growth and development of Trinidad and Tobago. Whether it is as a direct result of our revenue which contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Trinidad and Tobago, or through people and community development, Atlantic is set to continue being a leader in the local and global hydrocarbon industry.

    With the enabling value of LNG, we continue to aspire towards being a high-performing and responsible gas supplier, a trusted and preferred employer, and a leader in corporate responsibility, thus creating a legacy beyond LNG.

  • work-img

    Scientific Update

    Scientific Update, established in 1989 by Dr. Trevor Laird, organises conferences and training courses for industrial chemists and chemical engineers in chemical development and scale-up and many other specialist topics in organic chemistry. We also provide extensive consultancy services in these fields and edit the international scientific journal entitled Organic Process Research and Development (OPRD).

    Our short intensive training courses enable scientists to learn about highly relevant topics, to broaden their knowledge and to keep abreast of new science, new technology and new techniques. A complete list of the scheduled training courses currently available can be viewed in the training section. Many of these are also available for in-house training.

    Our specialist conferences provide the perfect forum for organic process chemists and chemical engineers to network with experts from industry and academia from all over the world.

    Our aim is to provide you with the very best, up-to-date chemistry and superb locations. At every event, Scientific Update provide the highest quality organisation and friendly support from all our team. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events soon.

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    High employee turnover hurts a company’s bottom line. It can cost an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement. And churn can have a demoralizing effect on remaining employees.

    Hiring the right people from the start is the single best way to reduce employee turnover. It is therefore important to screen and assess candidates, not just to ensure they have the right skills, but also that they have the personality and cognitive ability to deliver superior performance, and also fit well with your company culture.

    Hironomy’s recruitment solution does exactly that. Each candidate in our database has been profiled and assessed on these key characteristics using industry proven methodologies. Only candidates who satisfy a desired minimum Person-to-Environment (P2E) fit score (set by you) will be able to view and apply to your jobs. You will no longer have to go through piles of applications in the search for good talent.

    And to ensure that you reach the biggest number of jobseekers, all jobs will be broadcasted to leading social media channels (e.g. pertinent Twitter hashtagds, LinkedIn, etc.) using your account as well as ours

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    Bulkfoods Online

    Welcome to Bulk Foods Online Pty Ltd, an online wholesale market for food and drinks in Australia. This is a brand new site that will connect consumers and the food services industry with Australian farmers, food producers, providores, distributors, winemakers as well as buyers across the world.

    Buying in bulk can mean significant savings. Whether you are buying for your restaurant, club, catering business, family, friends, street, community group, corporation or wholesaler, the advantage of Bulk Foods Online is that it allows you to buy fresh and non-perishable foods and beverages direct from the farmer, producer, providore, distributor and winemaker’s online stores on our site.

    For individuals, use the Bulk Foods Online Forum to find or form a group of people in your area who want to buy cheaper food and drinks in bulk together. Then browse this site to find what your group wants to buy.

    It is free to browse and free to post products for sale on Bulk Foods Online. (The best browsers for the site are Firefox and Google Chrome).

    As this is a brand new site in its start up phase, potential buyers and sellers should register their interest in this opportunity by emailing .

    And please keep coming back to watch the opportunities grow!

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    Erx Express

    eRx Script Exchange was established in April 2009 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fred IT Group.

    Proudly Australia’s first and largest Prescriptions Exchange Service, eRx is designed and built for doctors, pharmacists and patients. We work in partnership with every leading medical and pharmacy software vendor to ensure our service works for all Australia health professionals.

    As of June 2013, eRx has-

    15,500 doctors
    3,900 pharmacies (of a possible 5,000)
    1,200,000 original ePrescriptions are uploaded every week to eRx ready for dispensing
    4,200,000 dispense records are uploaded to eRx every week

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    Serene Education

    Contact Serene Education for the best forex trading strategies, tips and guidance by experts. Serene Education is a leading forex education training academy that helps you understand forex charts and learn the basics of currency trading and online trading for increased profits. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting out, let us help you trade like a pro! Our easy forex strategies and educational seminar bring out the best in you and help you avoid common trading mistakes. Join our academy today to find a forex mentor, read informative articles or go through latest forex news.

    We have built our reputation on helping countless people achieve their financial success in foreign exchange currency trading in the UK and around the globe. Whether you are someone who is just investigating the currency market or a seasoned trader, the information and support we offer refreshingly over-delivers every time.

    All of our strategies have been tested and retested by us, and the “tools of the trade” we offer are the same ones we ourselves use in every trade, every day.

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    The Plumbologist

    The Plumbologist invites you to become a part of our happy family of satisfied plumbing, drain cleaning and repair services customers.
    Our Mission:

    To give you great value and service when repairing your plumbing and drain cleaning problems.
    Our Goal:

    We want you to recommend us when a friend or business associate asks you to recommend a plumber.

    With over 30 years experience, we provide our customers with fast, cost-effective service and expert plumbing, drain cleaning and sewer repairs. We have an excellent reputation with all our clients because we focus on getting the job done in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

    We use our own high tech cameras and specialized video equipment to locate sewer, drain problems, and leaks quickly and efficiently. We provide comprehensive plumbing and drain cleaning and repair services that include sewer snakes and trenchless sewer and drain equipment.

    The Plumbologist never hires subcontractors. Our team does all the work.

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    Community Foundation- South Okanagan|Similkameen

    First to place their trust in the Community Foundation were founding donors Penticton Rotary Club, City of Penticton, HSBC, and Vancouver Foundation who collectively gave $200 thousand. The Community Foundation gave back to the community for the first time in 1994, distributing $2,600 generated by the early funds to six charitable agencies.

    By the late 1990′s, interest in the Community Foundation grew and the mandate was expanded to encompass all communities throughout the Regional District of South Okanagan-Similkameen. Our name was changed to the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan and the constitution, bylaws and policies were re-written to acknowledge the unique identity of all communities in the region. By branching out, all people in the region are now offered the opportunity to cultivate.ll people in the region are now offered the opportunity to cultivate.

  • work-img

    Community Foundation

    The Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta is a registered charity that helps donors connect their generosity with community needs to create a better and stronger community, now and forever. WeÔÇÖve been doing this since the Foundation was formed on April 18, 1966.

    Today we have over $14.5 millions in our funds and each year we distribute over $400,000. In total, we have given out over $6 million to a wide variety of charitable organizations. This is made possible because of hundreds of caring and generous donors.

  • work-img


    Atlantic produces Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from natural gas delivered from fields in and around Trinidad and Tobago, and is the seventh largest LNG producer in the world, and the largest such producer in the Western Hemisphere. The Company is the operator of a four-train liquefaction facility located in Point Fortin on the south-west coast of Trinidad.

    Atlantic is often referred to as “The Trinidad ModelÔÇØ which in turn refers to the unique venture partnership between four energy majors and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to form an LNG company. Today, the Company is ultimately owned by international energy majors: BP, BG, and Repsol, as well as Summer Soca LNG Liquefaction S.A., a subsidiary of the China Investment Corporation. The Govern ment of Trinidad and TobagoÔÇÖs interests are represented by the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC). These five partners are AtlanticÔÇÖs shareholders.

  • work-img

    Track and Trail

    The Track and Trail team take pride in having some of the best instructors and guides in the country.Our aim is to make sure you have a first class experience with the outdoor activity of your choice.

  • work-img

    Holiday Home Rentals

    Off page SEO

    Holiday Home Rentals specialize in offering self catering holiday villas, holiday cottages, holiday apartments, holiday flats and a selection of holiday lettings which can be rented from their owners direct.

    This website is having a good page rank and indexed pages because we have performed effective Off page seo to develop strong backlinks that supports this website to come in search engine result pages.

  • work-img

    Artistry In Motion

    Off page SEO

    Artistry In Motion is a premier supplier of special effects confetti, streamers and confetti cannons to the entertainment industry worldwide.

    We made this website searchable through its keyword by performing off page seo techniques. Now this website is having good page rank and good amount of indexed pages which helps user to find this website in search engine result pages.

  • work-img

    Honor’s Haven

    Off page SEO

    Honor’s Haven is resort boasting 235 guest rooms, grand banquet room, expansive conference facilities and a multitude of various customized programs based in Ulster County, New York.

    website is ranking well in search engine results because we have performed effective off page seo techniques. Our task was to promote this website by building strong back-links for this website and we successfully did that and boost its ranking.

  • work-img

    Delvalle & Delvalle Law Firm


    Delvalle & Delvalle Law Firm is a Panama Law firm which specializes in providing panama offshore legal services, with offices in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

    This website is having high page rank because we have performed effective seo techniques to boost its ranking and to make it searchable through search engine result pages.

  • work-img

    Santa Monica Fertility


    Santa Monica Fertility offers fertility treatment and this is led by Dr. John Jain, a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist with over twenty years of academic and clinical experience.

    The motive behind performing seo for this website was to bring this website searchable in search engine result and boost its page rank. We performed several effective seo techniques and successfully achieved a high page rank.

  • work-img

    Pet Well Being


    Pet Well Being is dedicated to improve the health of pets by providing various pet products. They deals in best pet products.

    when this website cam to us, was having very less pages indexed in search engines and Page was also nearly n/a. We performed complete search engine optimization techniques to promote this website and bring high PR. Now this website is having huge number of indexed pages and good page rank.

  • work-img



    Insidetrak is a top job site in Australia that help you to find desired and relevant job.

    This website came to us so that it could be searchable through top search engine result pages. For this we need bring high PR and promote this website through several channels so that people can search it and find relevant job for themselves. Now this website is having very good page rank and is searchable through SERPs.

  • work-img

    LA Fitness


    LA Fitness is a fitness center registered in England & Wales. It provide the means and motivation for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to get as fit as they can.

    Our Task was to achieve high page rank for this website as it was not having good page rank earlier and was not coming in top search results for desired keywords. We performed various search engine optimization techniques so that people could find this website easily after searching desired keyword and enjoy their services.

  • work-img

    Heritage Education Funds

    Online Reputation Management

    Heritage Education Funds is helping Canadians saving funds for their kids for post secondary education from almost 50 years with some great benefits like Lower-risk investments, Tax-sheltered investment growth and Low fees.

    This website was going through bad reputation with 2-3 offensive search result in major search engine. We successfully accomplished the task to bring out positive image of this website with are effective Off Page techniques.

  • work-img

    My Life

    Online Reputation Management

    My is famous social networking website in United States where you connect with your friends, colleagues and family member by signing up to its services. It also provides you simple dashboard to manage the most popular social networks and email accounts securely and conveniently.

    This website was nearly having 5-6 offensive out 10 results in search engine result pages which was affecting its reputation in social media industry. So to manage its online reputation we took its popular keywords and perform effective Off-Page techniques to push down bad comments/reviews and highlisht positive things about this website so that people get to know positive things as well. Now this website has clear image in search engine result pages.

  • work-img


    Online Reputation Management

    Narconon is a website which focuses on drug prevention thus offer effective drug rehabilitation programs for kids as well as adults. It is dedicated to not only helping people to overcome their drug addiction but also educating addicted people and their friends and families about the benefits of drug-free life.

    This website came to us when it was having bad reputation in search engine result pages. Whenever user enter keywords related to this website they see some negative mentioning about this website’s service posted by others in top search engine result pages. We performed various off page activities to push down the negative results from first page of search engine result to fourth or fifth page of search engine result. Now this website has a clear and good reputation in search engine result pages.

  • work-img

    Massimo Gentile – joomla

    firmly believe that the market has changed a lot in recent years. No longer do we work with long term investments and a hypothetical future payback. Today it is vital to be efficient with very low costs already in the short term. For this reason, my collaboration relies exclusively on retributions linked to results. I offer companies firm guarantees in terms of image return, sales goals, efficiency, seriousness, opportunity development and achievement of marketing targets.

    I work with competitive companies who want to break into the Spanish, Portuguese and Central – South American markets, in the automotive sector (spare parts for cars, commercial, passenger transport, agricultural, machinery, tools, chemicals vehicles, etc.) and industrial supplies.

    I have been working in this market for over 23 years and I have launched various companies. My main goal has always been to increase the sales of the companies with whom I have worked, improving the existing organization and facilitating growth in order to reach the set targets. If the company already has a network of agents or distributors, but is not satisfied with the results, my job will be to maintain the current organization integrating into a new, more efficient one; if the company does not have any commercial presence in these markets, my job will to start the sales network from scratch.

  • work-img

    The Foundation Stone – joomla

    ÔÇ£When the Holy One, blessed is He, created His world, He created it like an infant born from its mother. For a fetus born from the mother, begins from its navel and expands outward to all four directions so too, the Holy One, blessed is He, began to create the world from the Foundation Stone and from that, the entire world was established.ÔÇØ – Midrash Tanchuma.

  • work-img – joomla

    VSP Parking, a Burbank Airport parking (Bob Hope Airport parking) facility, is conveniently located across from the entrance of the Bob Hope/Burbank Airport at 2616 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank, California with an additional rear entrance on Thornton Avenue. Offering both secured covered and outdoor parking, VSP provides fast, prompt and personalized service with shuttles circling the airport every three minutes or on-demand. Other amenities include free online reservations, pre-pay discounts, luggage handling, ding-deterring pads between covered stalls, a frequent traveler discount club, and car care services including washes, detailing, dent removal and window tinting.

  • work-img

    Castlebrookbarns – wordpress

    From its inception, Castlebrook Barns has been a symbol of excellence in the horse barn industry. At Castlebrook we understand that the safety and comfort of your horses is of the utmost importance. As leaders in the horse barn manufacturing industry, we utilize the highest quality material and the latest technology to create the best barn available. For those looking for a barn that is both exceptional and stylish a horse barn from CastleBrook Barns is exactly what you have been looking for. Our sturdy steel frame construction combined with the beauty of wood a horse barn from Castlebrook Barns will be admired for many years to come. We proudly offer a lifetime structural guarantee on all our barns. We look forward to building the barn of your dreams and having you join an elite group of satisfied customers who proudly house their horses in a Castlebrook Barn.

  • work-img

    Volkdrywall – wordpress

    Volk Drywall has been in business since 1987 and since then, we have become one of the most experienced drywall contractors in Southern California. Whether itÔÇÖs a new custom home or a large scale commercial project, we are a full service drywall company and we offer the best drywall services in Southern California. Even after 26 years, we are still growing and have two office locations to help you with all of your custom drywall needs. You can stop by and visit either our office in Covina or our office in Newport Beach.

    Due to our growth and experience, we have strong relationships with our suppliers, that means cost savings for us. Because we offer high quality work at affordable prices, we are able to pass on some of the cost savings to you.

    Commitment is very important to us here at Volk Drywall. We are committed to providing our clients only the best services from the beginning of a project until the end. With a quarter century of experience, our crews can solve every problem and our foremen are trained to deliver a project ÔÇ£ON TIME, ON SCHEDULEÔÇØ. We will provide nothing less; this is our commitment to you. You wonÔÇÖt find better quality drywall for your new home anywhere else!

    If you would like more information about Volk Drywall and our services, please feel free to explore the rest of our site or contact us via phone or email. We appreciate your consideration of us for an opportunity to bid the drywall on your project. You may reach us at our Covina office at 626-331-3881 or at our Newport Beach office at 949-955-7900.

  • work-img

    Michaelharmann – wordpress

    Whether working with alcohol or drug abusers, at-risk teens, or failure-to-launch type clients, behavioral and personal change specialist Michael Harmann, MSW utilizes a unique intervention approach which is one that people are turning to on a rapidly growing basis when traditional options are either too broad or too limited. One’s behavior may not be severe enough for rehab or a behavioral modification program and may be too severe for therapy alone. His solution is a hands-on approach, meeting clients in their own environments, and addressing the issues with the appropriate amount of resources, effort, and time. Michael Harmann grew up in Weston, Connecticut and obtained his Bachelor of Science-Psychology degree from New England College and his Clinical Masters of Social Work from Columbia University.

  • work-img

    White C – joomla

    white_c is a DFKI and EIT ICT Labs spin-off company in the area of Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems. DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, is the leading German research institute in the field of innovative software technology. EIT ICT Labs is a Knowledge and Innovation Community KIC accelerating innovation in Europe.

  • work-img

    Opends – joomla

    What is OpenDS?

    OpenDS is a driving simulator for research. The software is programmed entirely in Java and is based on the jMonkeyEngine framework, a scene graph based game engine which is mainly used for rendering and physics computation.

    Who is OpenDS for?

    OpenDS has been initiated in order to provide a basic simulation toolkit for driving experiments in a safe environment for research. As full-fledged driving simulation software for the evaluation of automotive applications is high in price and low cost simulators often lack of extensibility, OpenDS is dedicated to the researcher community free of charge.

    All the pre-defined driving tasks contained in the release can be executed easily without any programming knowledge. However, if you are comfortable writing Java code, you can join the developer team and contribute your own extensions.

  • work-img

    Fecane – joomla(ecommerce)

    • Strengthen ties and promote exchanges with members, organizations and institutions in the province and elsewhere (French, English, government, etc..).
    • Develop and improve mechanisms for multi-directional communication to facilitate the development of arts and culture.
    • Organizational capacity and capacity development of arts and culture for the F├®CANE and its members.
    • Position arts and culture at the heart of the development of the Acadian and francophone community in Nova Scotia.
  • work-img

    Adolescent Behavioral Consulting – joomla

    Serving Families with At-Risk Teens and Young Adults – Los Angeles, California – Weston, Connecticut

    Adolescent Behavioral Consulting, based in Weston, Connecticut and Los Angeles, California, offers an innovative and dynamic approach to helping at-risk teens or young adults and parents regain harmony in their individual lives and in their relationships with each other. Masters-level helping professionals meet families in the home to coordinate efforts to reestablish order and balance within the household. Founder Michael Harmann created this approach which leaves ÔÇ£no stone unturnedÔÇØ to achieve the goals of the individual teen and the family as a whole. A designated family consultant creates a customized plan which includes accessing every area of the child’s life from the friends they hang out with to the budgeting of their allowance in an effort to affect positive change. Meetings, outings, telephone communication, drug testing, and daily curfew check-ins are standard elements of the one-on-one intervention with the teen. And parents, who are a key element of the process, receive frequent reports about the teen and also participate in regular coaching sessions with the consultant.

    The program, designed to keep the teen safe, productive and respectful of themselves and others, is as unique as the challenges that todayÔÇÖs adolescents face. It gives families an alternative means of restoring peace in the household when traditional options are either too broad or too limited. The teenÔÇÖs behavior may not be severe enough for rehab or a behavioral modification program and may be too severe for therapy alone. The solution is a hands-on approach, meeting the teen and family where they are and addressing the issues with the appropriate amount of effort and time.

    Michael Harmann, founder of Adolescent Behavioral Consulting, grew up in Weston, Connecticut and obtained his Bachelor of Science-Psychology degree from New England College and his Clinical Masters of Social Work from Columbia University. Among his accomplishments, Michael founded the Greenfield Lodge in Los Angeles, California which is a rehabilitation residence for sober living. In addition to his current consulting work in Fairfield County, Michael offers parenting workshops, national online resources, and preventative programs for families with pre-teens and young teens.

  • work-img

    Names In Games – Joomla

    Networking, Discussion & Careers in the Video Games Industry.

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Meteocons,a set of weather icons is released contain more than 40 icons in PSD, CSH, EPS, SVG, and Web font
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