SEO TechniquesSEO-The race is on! The race of SEO has begun and everyone is trying to go past their competitors in order to emerge as a winner in the ranking game organized by search engines. One might be thinking about the skills required to win this game! Don’t worry! There is no need to think much as you don’t require a single skill; you require a set of skills known as SEO! Search Engine Optimization is the activity of using different SEO techniques to rank a website higher in the search engines.

It is all about securing quality links to different websites through quality content or any other medium. To be very honest, there is no set of rules for SEO as it involves doing technical things in the most creative way. You have to build strategies and carry out an action based on those strategies. With the passing of time, search engines such as Google, Yahoo keep on changing their algorithms for SEO. This in turn leads to some “must changes” in strategies to get going with the new algorithms set by search engines.

So, what are the strategies one should be following in 2017? Relax, as we bring you some of the latest SEO techniques for 2017 in accordance to new algorithms set by search engines!

12 Actionable SEO Techniques to Use in 2017:-

Building Broken Links

Broken links are the links which takes you to web pages which no more exist or fail to load properly. Building broken links is the process of finding broken or dead links on websites and replacing it with a new working link. Check My Links browser plugin is a great way to find broken links on a page. Relevant to your target website, build a list of resource pages to find the broken link manually. Once found, simply pitch the same via e-mail to restore it with your new link but remember that the pitching has to be perfect!

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another SEO techniques for enhancing your SEO results. All you have to do is find out a blog having content similar to the content of your website. Add comments which add value to information and place your link there with a 100-150 words description. This will help you in generating and moving your target audience from the blog post you commented on to your website, eventually making your website rank higher for the same content in future.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of posting content on other’s website as a guest on regular basis. You can simply prepare a list of the websites or blogs you wish to write for, most probably the ones which resemble your own project. Send a proposal via e-mail, along with some good samples of your content. Make sure your proposal looks genuine and not a chance to work around your SEO campaign as it can literally backfire. Here is the trick, attach a link in your content of your target website, helping your target audience in reaching your website, increasing traffic and impacting SEO.

Using Synonym Sites

Well, it goes like this; you search the sites which are most relevant to your product but not in direct competition to yours. For example, if you sell cars, look for a website which sells bikes or cars of other brands. Simply mail them and seek permission to write for them. You can place your link when you get permission from the site’s owner to use their e-mail address for invitations. When you get that done, you can convert a large number of their visitors to move forward to browse your site and hence enhance your SEO.

Video Links

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. The simple reason being that people love watching videos! They love watching videos of every kind; this means for every subject there is a definite audience for it. This is where you have to strike. Prepare a video which has some useful information on the kind of industry or services you provide and place your link in the description. These will not only create a lot of traffic to your website but help in improving your rank as per SEO.

Directory Links

Directory links are the websites which have all the business information you would like to have about a company. This makes equal sense to use such a massive opportunity to promote your ranking. The key is to make quality directory links by doing manual research in order to find them and definitely not by buying them through Fiverr. Depending on your budget choose the one that suits you best. The reason we are stressing on paid directories is because of the quality of service they have to offer. All you have to do thereafter is place your link along with your business information so that your target audience can use the same, eventually impacting your SEO.


Infographics are one of the easiest ways to secure your link without worrying about changing the whole of content again and again. There are two ways to do this. One is to do it by creating “pillow” links, for which you have to search those sites which accept infographics and simply follow the instructions for securing the link. The other method is of guest posting but you have to find blogs and sites which post and not allow only submitting your infographics. To secure the link, you have to write an e-mail regarding the same.

Event Conference Links

The work of securing links for your website is not restricted to just internet. To promote your business, you need to do some offline work too and the best way to do is by either hosting or speaking up at an event or conference. You have to find out about business events happening shortly and send a request if you want to speak on that event. If you want to host an event, you have to use Meetup to meet your requirements. Next, find out the bloggers who would be covering those vents or the company website and mail them with slides along with a link attached to your website.

Creating Content That Benefits Users

There is no denying that after designing, development, SEO, all that matters for a user is what he reads in the content you provide. He hardly cares for the designing part and is more focused on how he can benefit from it. It might be something useful for their business or entertaining in some way. The point is to create content that actually matters to your target audience and when this happens, link building is just a cakewalk as the users will be moved to click on your link!

Embedding Long Tail Keywords in Title Tags

Everyone who is into SEO knows the importance of putting a keyword into the title of a page. Having said that, they also know that they are going to face a lot of competition for that title keyword! So, how do you cut out the competition? The answer to this question is by simply using one more keyword which has less competition as compared to the first one. What this will do is that it will make the search engines consider you for two keywords and since the competition for one keyword will be less, it will automatically rank your page higher in the SERP.

Using Wikipedia for keyword Generation:

We all use Google Keyword Planner to get the best keywords for our website and it is really good if you are looking to have some decent monthly visits. The only problem with this is that it gives keywords which are pretty generalized like how to, why do etc. However, if you are looking to get some unique keywords, you should use Wikipedia. Simply put in a word and see the relevant suggestions in the content box. Not only will you get unique keywords but a lot of internal links to cash on.

Create Your Own Keywords

This is something most of the SEO professionals are unaware about. The simple reason being that it appears to make no sense but the reality is that it makes complete sense to the search engines! When you create a keyword, the only person competing with you is nobody but you! The key is to create quality keywords that resemble or speak for the page information and have been named like never before. This will not only help in getting more traffic but also make your keyword a brand for the relevant searches in the future.

The above SEO techniques will surely help you in achieving your SEO goals, eventually reaching your target audience. SEO is all about doing something different to rank higher in the SERP and when the competition is sky high, you have to act smart and create opportunities for yourself and when it is regarding SEO, you have to create new ways to increase traffic to your website which helps you in having a higher ranking!

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