These days, the expectations of the users are extremely high when we talk about UX (User Experience). All stages of software lifecycle are infused by the reflections of UX from initial interest to upgrades to end of use. Moreover, UX is a very important element in the success of any app these days. There are many developers who lack knowledge and cannot connect with researchers and UX designers. This thing direct to an unhappy customer, low user adoption, high support costs, bad user experience and low sales. But, they must spend precious money and time to work on the UX design. The developer must learn the strategies which are more planned so that they could give you a competitive advantage.

Have a look on the top 5 UX tips for every developer

1. Think From The Customer’s Perspective

Many developers do not think on the customer’s point of view. Developers ignore many technical issues occurring in the app that becomes the reason why their apps get deleted.  So, it’s not only the UX (User Experience) that matters but the CX (Customer Experience) also plays an important role. Whether your app is going to work, whether it is going to give you advantages, it all depends on CX. So, every developer must think about the customers before starting any project.

2. Authenticate Your Suppositions With Genuine Users

If you are a developer, you might have met many genuine users in your life. But the fact is that you cannot be in touch with them continuously. As a developer, you are aware of the usability of the app you have made and you know all the features of apps. But, think from the customer’s side, do they like it? Are they able to enjoy it in the way that u imagine? If not then you must consider asking the customers before authenticating. Try to authenticate your Suppositions with genuine users. Record the surveys of customers, then support feedback to customers and interact with your customers on social media.

3. Performance is Just as Important as Functionality and Design

If you have made your project with full efforts but it does give desired results to the users. As it is said, UX is the most important aspect for the developer. For the success of any business, the performance of any business plays an important role similarly; same is the case with UX. If your page is taking over 2 sec. to load then the user might close your page by assuming that the page is of no use. So in these situations, test your product under real-world environments in order to check whether they are going to give any advantage or not.

4. Use Easy and Clear Navigation

The bad user interface does not go to pay you off. If the navigation is a system of your app is unclear and is difficult to use then you can prepare for the worst. Try to make navigation system simple so that it can to go backward and forward easily. Make your app so light that the page can easily scroll down even after you have refreshed your page. Customers must be aware of their presence in the application at any time; despite the steps, they have taken.

5. Stay Away From Click Here Links

Limit the use of words like click here in your design again and again as they do not seem to be attractive. It seems as if you are begging them to click on that link. Did you ever see the word ‘please enter inside’ outside the door? No. Then why you have to write these types of words in your content. The fact is, users, know it where to click and where to not.

6. Don’t Use Double Scroll

Double scrolling takes place when you have a mixture of vertical and horizontal scrolls or when you have 2 scrolls in the similar direction. This thing is very puzzling for customers and usually, leads to faults. If you have a touchscreen device then you cannot use it o your device as it becomes impossible to use the app with double scrolls.


There are many developers who lack knowledge and cannot connect with researchers and UX designers These tips for UX to developers will help them to perform well on their next project as the entire necessary tips for the better UX has been discussed in the article.