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Out of the many ways people find mobile apps & install them, two of the most popular stand apart of all others. One is an advertisement initiated install and the other is search on the play store. Apps that are installed via play store searches are known to be organic app installs and such app installs are more valuable than any other way. It clearly indicates that people perform a search to find your app and the relative intent toward your application. With millions of apps in the app store, it can be extremely difficult to reach your desired audience and get traction. Our App Store Optimization (ASO) solutions make sure that people find your app easily within the app store ecosystem.

Experts say that with ASO in use, 90% of application installs become organic installs. Proper app store optimization is detailed, on-going process which requires experience. Through research, testing and repetition, we are able to help your app stand out against the competition. It has been estimated that properly done ASO will blend into App Marketing Optimization with its coverage over all aspects of marketing your application.

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App Store Optimization Services

One of the latest online marketing techniques utilizes App Store optimization to promote various apps on leading app stores like Google Play store, Amazon, Microsoft, Android, IOS and many more. The basic function of ASO is to optimize the app description with use of various keywords to make it pop on top every time a search is initiated in the app store. But recently, it has become much more than just keywords.

With the introduction of indexing of deep app content by Google earlier in 2013, many significant changes were also enacted. With this feature from Google, it became easy to gather information about user intent and interest. This means that if your app gets listed in Google search options then users can get to your app with just one click. Therefore, your app will have greater exposure.

App Store Optimization techniques help increase the visibility of your app by expanding its exposure to a wider audience. We make sure that your app gets more exposure to your target audience.

App Store Optimization Services

There are many detailed steps required in the process of App Store Optimization, including app title all the way to off page functionality. Additionally, app icon design along with app description are important aspects of App Store Optimization that just have to be done right if you’re going to get exposure. It’s important to understand that App Store Optimization is what makes the success of your app rollout work or not and doing it wrong will significantly harm your app install results.

We provide a holistic approach to App Store Optimization to ensure that your app is fully optimized across all important elements.

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ASO Planning Strategy

We always start with thorough research regarding target audience, the specific market niche and even your competitors. We also review demographic scale, operating systems, app stores and more to design the perfect strategy.

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Optimizing Descriptions

We use our detailed research to identify the top searched keywords related to your app and adjust all details of its listing and description to get it ranked higher. The properly optimized app store profile will get your app in front of your audience and for much longer time.

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Listing App Locally

In certain market niches we also list your app for both global and local markets to develop a larger reach. Our goal is to leverage these techniques to get your app toward the top listing in Android, IOS, and Windows app stores and generate more organic app installs.

We Know Optimization

Xcelance Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. delivers exceptional SMO, SEO and ASO (App Store Optimization) services to clients around the world. We have also helped many startups effective early in this competitive world. With well-optimized apps using the right keywords, we ensure consumers see and install your apps via Android and IOS play stores to reach the maximum audiences.

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App Store Optimization Features

  • Analyze Target Market & Competitors
  • ASO Strategy Planning
  • Optimized Descriptions
  • Top Searched Keywords
  • Image & Video Usage
  • Listing of Apps
  • Frequent Updates
  • Ratings & Feedback

We Know Optimization

  • App Title
  • App Description
  • App Icon
  • App Keywords
  • Publisher Name
  • App Category
  • App Images & Screenshots
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • App Feedback Data
we know optimization

To be very honest, App Store Optimization (ASO) takes an incredible amount of time as there is monitoring & constant tweaks over a certain period of time. We have found that many app developers design a description quickly and without experience in optimizing for rank. Even worse, many do very little or no research, resulting in the app being buried under the mass of competitors.

Missing any one of the required functions of ASO, or doing any of them incorrectly will negatively impact your apps visibility within app store searches. We at Xcelance Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ensure you get the best app store optimization service with a solid start right with the first app. Making your viewers totally engaged with your app is our main priority.

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