10 Best Magento Connect Extensions for Your Store

March 2, 2017

10 Best Magento Connect Extensions for Your Store thumbnail

Magento is a basic e-commerce platform which cannot preview all possible business solutions and needs. So, the necessary tools and options are added manually. The Web and Magento Connect Extensions store offers social marketing and automation tools, conversion optimizer, better catching systems, email management, currency/shipping conversions and much more. It might be a challenge to choose the right solutions and to add them. To simplify the process, or help you discover something new for your store, here are 10 of the best Magento extensions:

10 best Magento Connect Extensions

1. Magento Word Press integration

It is safe to state that most web users have become familiar with the Word Press framework. This plug-in by Fishpig allows you to integrate Word Press into your Magento base. If you’re familiar with the Yoast extension for Word Press, you probably went looking for the Magento version.

2. XML map creator

The XML sitemap is a must and XML map creator enables you to create multiple XML sitemaps quickly and easily. Each page you add to your site will be submitted to the sitemap. If you have a sitemap, then you will be able to analyze your Website’s structure, index pages and get more traffic. This extension from megastore is free to install and helps in the creation of multiple XML sitemaps for your site.

3. Blog

This is the current, most popular, blog setup for Magento stores. It's easy to use and free of cost! It is also constantly offering the updates and maintenance.

4. Optimizely

This extension is used for A/B tests for exact tracking of areas/metrics they’re focused on. Its visual editor is drag-and-drop. Optimizely can tests pages but also can deploy a temporary page copy while a permanent one is on its way to being established. This extension makes things simpler before you need custom coding for running advanced targeting tests.

5. Layered navigation

The Layered Navigation extension provides new filters, breadcrumb displays, drop downs and helping guide your customers toward their product interests.Numerous tips for SEO masters state that “when a customer becomes lost, you’ve lost a customer." Make sure your navigation and filters are set up to make searching on your site easy.

6. Yotpo

There are many good reasons and ways to have a review system, such as email-based review requests, increases purchase confidence, helps to better manage your content, everything in a review system is gathered and has even some little tricks you wouldn’t have thought of.

7. Fooman Google analytics

Fooman Google analytics provides deeper capabilities for your Google analytics. This includes tracking of Adwords purchase and conversions. You'll get deeper analytics on how Adwords is converting for you as well as the ability to filter by customers.

8. Nitrogento

To be profitable, your online store must be fast to load. Nitrogento helps to shorten load time by customizing proper caching setup. It is not for free, and this extension is quite costly. But the high price is justified.

9. Zendesk for efficient customer support

Zendesk is a simple and practical way to organize customer support for your online store. If you have your customer support team, you may still make it work more efficiently. Zendesk is good in monitoring, organizing and improving the support you provide.

10. Bronto

Bronto is the best solution for driving revenue with targeted email and cross-channel marketing campaigns. By sending messages from your Magento website, your marketing can receive a lift in personalization and relevancy. Bronto provides segmentation of your clients by the product or categories they’ve purchased. They analyze metrics such as Average Order Value, Last Order Total, and Total Revenue.


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