Baidu Eye vs Google Glass A Tough Competition

April 27, 2016

Baidu Eye vs Google Glass A Tough Competition thumbnail

Baidu, China’s Internet giant publicly unveiled the working prototype of Google Glass competitor, called Baidu’s Eye on Sep 3, 2014 during its Baidu World conference in Beijing. It will be a tough competitor for Google & Baidu, as it initially bears similarity with it.

Baidu Eye is a head-mounted device aimed at consumers which recognizes voice and gesture commands like expanding to zoom and circling an object with your finger. While, Google Glass has an optical head mounted display that screens live images and audio along with performing computing tasks.

Unlike Google & Baidu eye has no screen or any optical display, as screen can impair vision and tire your eyes. It looks like a wraparound headset than a pair of glasses that rests on the top of your ears. It has an earpiece on its left arm and a camera on its right arm to enable hands free search. With its camera, you can take photos, recognize objects and analyze information in its surroundings.

Instead of screening this information on a small display screen as in Google glass, Baidu Eye sends this information to a Smartphone via an app. This feature of Baidu Eye’s counters the shoddy battery life problem of Google glass. It’s even easier to browse on a large display screen, giving less stress to eyes, which also aims to consume less energy, thereby extending its battery life much longer. Its design is very light and compact that is even suitable for people who wear eyeglasses.

But, Baidu Eyes provides the same kind of functionality as Google glass, as it can sync information both visually and aurally offering a tough competition to its counterpart – Google glass. You can also indentify and find products, such as handbags and articles of clothing on e-commerce sites that facilitates online shopping.

Even the company is also planning to sync Baidu Eye with different social gaming and social networks and other functions like hands-free phone use and picture/video taking, which will later be included. Even the developers are working to encourage third-party apps integration with this gadget.

The existence of Baidu’s eye was first confirmed by Baidu in April 2013, and then it appeared to have a screen. Since, then it was undergoing internal testing to evaluate its market potential and apparently it had, that’s why now it will soon hit the market.

But, Baidu Eye is still in the prototype stage and the company has currently not given any information on its pricing and availability in the market. But one thing is sure that it will rock the internet world, offering a caveat to its competitor Google Glass.


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