Here are 5 Good Reasons to Avoid Affordable SEO Services

March 3, 2017

Here are 5 Good Reasons to Avoid Affordable SEO Services thumbnail

“Affordable” SEO Services is the new trend in the market today for attracting clients but mostly the ones having new start ups. In this internet age, everyone wants to leave an impact of their business on the World Wide Web as this really takes a business to places in no time. Having said that, nobody wants to spend a great amount of money for the same!

After spending on development and designing, one really thinks of cutting down on the expenses of hiring SEO specialists. This is what makes the client chose on the low budget SEO campaigns but one should not forget that nothing comes free in this world and when you will opt for cheap, you won’t get very high quality services, you will only get the basic services.

Link building and outsourcing SEO which can outshine others need great amount of work and this great amount of work will not come cheap! With cheap SEO services, you might be able to improve your rankings but won’t be able to outshine your competitors. When you won’t be able to stay ahead in your business competition, what’s the use of saving money? Even the money spent on designing and development gets wasted like that! Do you really want that kind of impact?

5 Good Reasons to Avoid “Affordable” SEO Services

1. You limit yourself

A low SEO budget will limit you in getting the services that actually work. You will just be limited to things like page level optimization, keyword research and some technical optimization. What really drives the SEO rankings are the content and the backlinks which don’t come cheap at all as there is a lot of demand for the same and this is what that doesn’t gets included in your low SEO plan.

2. You don’t prepare for the big picture

SEO is all about working towards a goal over a specific period of time. You don’t do wonders through SEO in a single day. It takes few weeks to some months to actually bring up your ranking to a level and more importantly be able to sustain it thereafter. Your affordable package may bring profits in the short run but in the long run, it will fail to sustain itself!

3. You won’t get the king fighting for you

As stated above, content is the king and this holds true for the online world too. A Google algorithm clearly states that if the content of a website is poor or is not original, it will affect the ranking of a website to a great extent. Even for backlinks, you require a great amount of content and when you will not pay a decent amount, no one will write content for you or create back links. So, it’s simple, you have to pay for things which actually improve your rankings to a great extent.

4. Cookie cutter approach doesn’t work

Affordable SEO campaigns rely greatly on cookie cutter strategies as they can hardly afford to create new and original stuff. Moreover, there will be hardly any help provided by them as they won’t allocate any time to communicate. Such campaigns are always focusing on front-end sales and don’t pay heed to the work that actually matters after that i.e. fulfilling the requirements of clients.

5. You don’t get enough experience on board

It is a known fact that an experienced individual can do things which a fresher or less experienced person cannot even think of doing. Most of the affordable SEO campaigns are not experienced enough and cannot compete with their experienced peers promoting your competitor’s website. Experience comes with a price and if you want the best experience to work for you, then you have to pay for the same.

Just to summarize, if you really want quality SEO services, you have to pay them in quantity! Everyone wants to boost up their profits but no one understands that SEO is not something which they can buy cheap. A good SEO campaign involves a lot of experienced and skilled people who work for a considerable amount of time to take your ranking up the ladder. If you won’t pay these individuals what they deserve, why will they work for you and how will your rankings improve actually? Think carefully before you make your mind to hire an SEO company!


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