Reasons Why SEO is Becoming Expensive

April 27, 2016

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SEO is a hot and trending topic, as it is the most effective strategy used now by marketers for getting visitors to their website. Battling with Google Algorithm updates, providing great content, reinforcing brand value in this competitive world is a war that requires soldiers not drones. You must be thinking as seo expensive . But, you can still make it cost effective for your business.

There are various reasons why SEO is getting expensive. Here they are:

1.   Competition

Ever increasing competition in SEO world and online marketing is making it more difficult to achieve top position on search results, especially on a national level. Thousands of websites are competing for the top spot, so you need to invest more time and money, along with following a better strategy to stay ahead of your competitors. You need to do competition analysis and choose your keywords wisely, based on your realistic expectations. Even it has become harder to control search results with the constant introduction of new AdWords extensions, as now your organic search results have to compete with improved site links, testimonials and image extensions, which are especially designed to persuade more clicks to paid search. You also have to combat against leading product listing ads and Google Plus pages.

2.   It takes Time

SEO takes time and as you all know time is money. There are number of websites competing against yours on the search results, so a quality  seo expensive takes almost 6 to 12 months to show positive results for your targeted keywords. A good SEO campaign requires a strategic planning and involves processes like website improvement, on-page SEO, social marketing, e-mail marketing and link building, etc. More competition means more time, so be patient and always plan your SEO campaigns well in advance.

3.   Requires Creating a Brand

Create your online brand to succeed in SEO; the more elevated your brand presence, more you attain success with SEO. There are various ways to create a strong brand online and it’s not enough to have just an exact match domain or a strong link profile. You need to be active on social media channels and create a strong following, as Google and humans both favour brands. You need to make sure your content is relevant and interesting for your users, if you want to compete with the important keywords. Creating a strong online brand can be expensive but you can make it cost effective by using HootSuite for scheduling posts, linking your blog with your social accounts, creating profiles on sites - Google has a fondness for.

4.   Google Algorithm Updates

Your SEO needs to battle against the constant Algorithm updates by Google. In last few years Google has rocked the SEO world with its major algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin and the latest Pigeon. They have dramatically changed the SEO strategies making it even more difficult and expensive. People and brands that stay informed have taken advantage of it with their content rich strategies to bolster their rankings while the others got greatly affected. So, you need to stay updated and use latest strategies, which make your SEO techniques more expensive.

For instance: Latest Google Algorithm update – Pigeon has completely changed the search engine rankings on the local scale. Local directory and review sites are getting more visibility, changes in the local listings, local rankings got dependent on your website authority, etc. This by itself increased the cost of SEO to overcome the changes in your search rankings.

5.   Expensive Data

Few years back Google used to provide keywords valuable performance data, but now they are holding it back and provide it only to paid AdWords users, making SEO data even more expensive. But still there are number of ways to interpret data from not provided keywords in Google analytics.

6.   Great Content

As we all know, Content is king that rules the internet world. You need to create great content to attain success with your SEO process. Content marketing is an expensive strategy, which has achieved greater importance, making SEO expensive. Creating good quality content takes time, requires experts and editorials to make this happen. But, some SEO newbie’s don’t understand the importance of great content in delivering referral traffic, social shares and citations, as users need to get entertained and informed to get rankings. Creating great informative content seems to look expensive but it is actually a very cost effective method in the terms of results.

7. Requires Research

A great SEO technique also involves a lot of research. For instance: before starting your SEO campaign, a strategist needs to understand about your niche market, your target audience, their interests, the keyword they will search for, your enemies or competitors in the market, analyzing the strength and weaknesses in the competition, etc. Therefore, research is the critical aspect of a good SEO technique that requires ample time, thereby driving why seo expensive.

8. Keywords are Geographically Oriented

Keywords usually vary with geographical area and some are hard to influence without money. Each keyword has its unique identity, some are localized, and others have bigger AdWords ads, e-commerce ads. Therefore, it requires great amount of work if you want to target a larger geographical area through search engines, which also increases seo expensive cost.

Although, these factors make SEO technique more expensive and time consuming, but it delivers high ROI, for which you all strive for. Along with  seo expensive, invest in content marketing - a cost effective method in the long haul, as it don’t even get effected by algorithm updates and will continue to keep your users informed and attracted. Current approaches and sustainable techniques have made SEO a very effective ROI driven technique that is value for money, brings in new customers and generate revenue for your business in long term. So, be prepared to spend what it costs for good SEO.


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