Top 5 Changes Your 2015 SEO Strategy Must Target

April 27, 2016

Top 5 Changes Your 2015 SEO Strategy Must Target thumbnail

No wonder SEO Strategy is in demand since the age of internet began. People used internet as a podium to gain enormous and distinctive traffic to their sites.

So, why SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your site an open door to onlookers worldwide.

But with time SEO has emerged as a power tool in Web Marketing that allures immense traffic to website owners. Let’s look at the strategies that were used earlier!


SEO in earlier times

Focus area:

4-5 years back SEO Strategy was simply used to rank the website at the top page of Google with putting colossal content, developing links, using categories and tags to name a few.

Compare competitors:

Competitors were studied thoroughly, their link building techniques, analyses of their techniques, etc. to do a similar work.


Submissions were regulated via pings, search engines and directories, building incoming links and reputations, etc.

Also, page rank was taken to be very crucial. All these areas were imperative and hence the center of attraction in SEO.

These techniques no more exist or rather I should say are dying steadily. SEO is something that constantly evolves with new and more refined tactics to chuck out the potential traffic. In 2014 alone, there were about 13 updates by Google algorithm.

SEO strategy in 2015:

Make mobile SEO a priority:

Mobile SEO sites must be a solid part of your plan. The reach of your site would be greater if you posses a fast and efficient website on phones. Note: slow site could crush a positive impact. Be careful about your configurations too. Smart phones are driving SEO these days.

Create short, effective & easy keywords & phrases:

Your keyword could help you grab the deal in this competitive world. Start with easy words initially and increase the difficulty level. You may use certain tool like to get sorted suggestions.

Focus on Social Media:

Maintain a growing Social Media presence that can easily pull you up. If you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, instagram, Google+ then you can easily create worthy links for the businesses worldwide. People like to get engaged with their brands at more personal level. So, target audience through social media techniques like campaigning (popular these days).

Optimize for Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc:

Could 2015 elevate some sites on take the market share? Sounds impossible? But some recent researches say that Firefox kicked Google to some extent and Yahoo will be the default search engine to browse. Reports also say that Bing and DuckDuckGo are also present on the list. This makes clear that it highly recommendable to use these search engines in addition to Google.

Focus on earning links rather than building:

Gone are the days when link building was merely for a day or two and considered as relevant. Now SEO focuses on earning valuable link to sites that intends to create genuine traffic to the page. Don’t just build link earn them. And this won’t change in 2015 or near future.

You need to cope with the fast changing environment and produce relevant strategies to track the best results in minimal duration. Being smart and creative is the key for successful SEO planning.


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