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With effective content marketing services, Xcelance's writing experts help businesses creating awareness among their audience about how business and its values fit into their lives and fulfill their needs. Our services help your business take people from third party online channels to your website. Also, quality and informational content that we write not only grabs the attention of readers but of the search engines towards your business and motivate it to place you in the top list of search ranking as an established industry leader.

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Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Strategy

A little research prior to making your content marketing plan will give you a fair idea of what your audience is interested in. At Xcelance, our writing experts come up with a superior strategy to fill the crack between the brand objectives and the desires of your target audience. The audience may prefer videos, blogs, articles, or photo galleries to meet their information needs. Our team is assisted to create content according to the needs and preferences of your audience.

Ideation And Creation

Creativity stands out amongst the competition. So, once you outline your content writing strategy the next step involves the creation of high-quality, meaningful, and relevant content to match. We have a team of Professional Content Writers who always try to be creative and unique to catch the attention of your audience. With years of experience in the writing field, they brainstorm ideas together and come up with interesting titles and positioning.

Management And Scheduling

Managing and scheduling your content is not as easy as it sounds. With the help of the right content management company, you can not only ease the process but can also save you plenty of time. Our team of expert editors helps businesses to streamline the process through ideation to distribution. Our content marketing specialists have vast experience in managing scheduling articles so that optimized content is accessible to the audience at the right time.


Creating valuable words is essential but distributing them through the right channels is even more important to add value to services. Good content should be promoted well to get noticed. Social networks are effective channels of promotions. You can also use paid, owned, and earned channels of promotion. Xcelance is worth a look if you are looking for top-quality content creators and promoters. Your content marketing plan will only be successful if it is able to break through the clutter.

Performance Tracking

When you want to track your return of investment, performance tracking is an essential part that comes into play. With the right resources and choosing the right company, you can streamline the process. We use advanced tools and real-time reporting to analyze metrics such as page visits, site visits, user engagement, CTC, CTR, keywords ranking, lead generation, customer engagement, etc. Our experts also assess the success of the plan and make needed improvements to make it even better.

Content Marketing Benefits


Strengthen Customer Relations

Customer is the king and to fulfill their demands in all manners is the first and foremost duty of every seller. Through effective content, you can not only increase brand awareness but can also win your customer's trust, which improves your business connection with them.


Help In Branding

Content is valuable because content marketing is not all about what you offer but it's all about what you stand for in the market and why people need to connect with your business. It helps to make your business an established brand in the market.


Increase Your Website Ranking

If you want to rank your business in the search engine, you should need to take the help of content marketing. It is the only thing, which helps to rank your website and drive more traffic.

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