Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows your company to maximize your advertising budget without sacrificing the quality and coverage of customers. With each new marketing strategy email is an effective way to disperse your company's message to the largest number of the potential audience. Email can target extremely specialized groups of potential customers without the worry of waste and the high cost of traditional direct mail. Working with an established company like Xcelance can help you send email campaigns that are effective and ensure successful email delivery.

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Email Marketing Services

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Audience Research

Gather the relevant information about your audience is the key foundation for the success of an email marketing campaign. Doing it right will help you to understand your client's preferences and expectations and attitude towards your business. Our email marketing experts design email templates relevant to your business to get the attention of your audience by making sure not to add too much as it can drive the customer away.

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Campaign Design

Sending modern and attractive emails to your customers will definitely help you to get their attention by saving plenty of time. Our team of specialists craft enticing, appealing and meaningful templates that have the power to drive the recipients for taking the desired action. We design email campaigns to fulfill your objectives, whether it is targeting a new audience or retargeting the existing customers.

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Email Optimization

An email marketing campaign is not worth it if it is not optimized to deliver an impeccable user experience. We at Xcelance have a team of experts who use recognized email marketing tools like Mailchimp, ConverKit, SendingBlue, Drip extra to ensure your audience gets the target messages. Through our split testing technique, we ensure driving better email matrices to get the best possible output.


Analysis And Reporting

It doesn't matter how optimized your email campaign is if you don't measure the results of your efforts. So, doing an analysis of the performance of a campaign on regular basis is a must to assess the value being delivered by it. At Xcelance, we deeply analyze the campaign outputs to learn all about user behavior. Moreover, our experts work hard to make improvements.

Email Marketing Benefits


Creates Repeat Customers

When somebody has purchased a product from you and you have their email, you can now email them special deals and more value. Email marketing tells your customers about other offerings that they may be interested in. We all love to feel special and everyone loves a bargain.


Increases Conversion Rates

Email marketing is one of the most, if not the most, effective forms of marketing. Email marketing still enjoys a greater ROI (return on investment) as compared to any other online marketing system. The conversion rate for email marketing is shown to be 4% to 7% over time.


Keeps You Super Close to Your Customers

Your emails should always provide value to your subscribers. If you constantly keep trying to sell to them, they will start to regard you as an interruption and start to unsubscribe from your list.

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