Samsung have joined the race of wearable gadgets with the launch of Samsung Smart Watch, where Apple and Sony corp. were already in competition. It was announced at IFA, Europe’s greatest consumer-electronics show. The Smart watch has been named Samsung Galaxy Gear, which will be available in the market by 25th of September.

Features of Galaxy Gear

It comprises of 1.63 inch (4.1-cm) super AMOLED display screen having 320*320 resolutions, 1.9 megapixel’s camera along with organic light emitting diodes (OLED) technology weighting up to 74 gm. Wrist bands, available in six different colors are ergonomic and appealing but not much flexible. Galaxy Gear has been installed with single core 800 MHZ Ezynos processor with metal face and buckles attached.

Samsung has taken a step ahead with Galaxy gear by adding 1 speaker and 2 microphones, due to which it can be used for making phone calls, surfing internet and capturing pictures. That’s not all; it can also be synchronized with tablets and Smartphone using Google Inc.’s Android software for making phone calls. Notification & playback music control can be accessed through Galaxy Gear. It is very much compatible with freshly announced Note 3 which will be available from the same date, and with Note 10.1 2014 edition. Where, software updates for the galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII & Galaxy Note II are under progression and might be available by October.

It is a feature rich device with ability to find your galaxy and compatible with many apps like Pocket, Path, Evernote, Runkeeper and Runtatsic pro. It stands best with the soon releasing Note 3.

Features of other compatible gadgets

Apple I Watch is at the lead with fitness tracker and accessibility to 70 applications. 512 MB RAM with 4 GB internal memory is available in it, which connects wirelessly to the Smartphone. Many other exciting features like in built speaker, voice reorganization, alarm and weather report.

Sony’s watch (Smartwatch 2) syncs with android and can be used as a second screen for Xperia Z1 Smartphone.

Qualcomm Inc the biggest producer of chips for mobile phones has announced a wrist watch Toq which will be shortly available in the market.

The expected growth of Galaxy Gear and Google Inc is 70 million units by 2017 rising from 15 million now and Samsung has estimated 500,000 Galaxy Gear to be shipped this year. Where, watch industry will be generating above $60 billion in sales by the end of this year.