Finally here is something really really interesting for the website owners and SEO professionals. Google has come up with its new algorithm update with the name, “Fred”. Yes, Google Fred is the latest algorithm update which has taken the web world by storm. There are a lot of websites which have seen a drastic change in their rankings ever since the new algorithm was launched. One really wonders why only some of the websites have got affected and not every website?

The answer to this question is simple. All the affected websites have something in common which is not going very well with Google Fred algo. As per reports, it is something to do with the quality of link building. If a website has some quality backlinks, it will not get affected but if it has ineffective and un-useful or spam backlinks, it will go down the rankings.


Who Are The Ones Likely to Get Affected by Google Fred?

Since Google update Fred has not officially announced about this algorithm, it can be difficult to predict the exact things underlining this update. However, going by the web trends, it is a sure sign that low quality link building websites have got the biggest hit. This means all the websites which are getting their traffic from un-trusted sources are under constant watch. Apart from this, websites playing too many ads and more importantly irrelevant ads are under the radar too.  For the time being, this new algorithm update hints at this only but who knows what might be in store next?

Is Your Ranking Impacted by Google Fred?

If you are the one whose website ranking has been affected ever since the launch of this update, you need to think literally. There has to be something which you are not doing it right for your website. Something which is not getting along with this new update! First of all, you need to check your link building profile as most likely it is the biggest culprit as of now. If you have lost a considerable amount of traffic or got a lower ranking, you need to think of ways to get it back. If you are unable to do it yourself, here is something we can help you with.

Prefer Quality NOT Quantity

As we discussed earlier, it is all about the quality of your links. This means you should build only quality backlinks to you website. No matter if you are getting a lot of backlinks, you have to think first. You have to figure out whether or not these links are genuine and of high quality. If yes, go ahead and if no, it is better to skip them to have some quality back links.

Neglect site wide-do follow links

There are a lot of websites which have got better rankings by following site wide- do follow links. As you know that every website is aiming to increase its traffic and improve its ranking. This makes most of the website owners go for it but one has to very careful while choosing this kind of link profile. The simple reason being that these types of profiles can drop down anytime and take you along with you!

Get Relevant Links

This one holds pretty true. A high quality and relevant link will get you good rankings for sure. On the other hand, a low quality irrelevant link will put down your ranking. Moz Domain authority is a good way to check a link for its relevancy but one should not depend on it completely. Rather, try to test each back link yourself to see whether or not it holds any relevance to the context.

Stop Chasing Everything

Just because you are getting a chance to claim a particular link, doesn’t mean you should go after it. Such links are chased down by a lot of websites and significantly have less value in the eyes of search engines. Rather try to go for links which are of high quality.

Diversify Anchor Text

It is very important to diversify your anchor text as a boring and simple anchor text will hardly impress the search engines. Try to create an anchor text which has naked URLs, intelligent business keywords, brand name and generic words to its credit.

Avoid Automated Backlinks Generator

Automated tools or bots which create backlinks is not something which was recommended even before the update Fred. The simple reason being that all these links give the impression of a website which is trying to fix things up! Such kinds of tricks don’t get very well with the search engines and one should avoid incorporating the same.

So, guys this is the short story! Nobody can be 100 % about the real motive behind the new algorithm update Fred from Goggle. As per reports of now, it clearly indicates targeting bad link building. But who knows it might also be targeting content quality, ads and what not. The bottom line is to try to make your website as qualitative as possible.