So, here is the good news for you all! Google Optimize and Optimize 360, the two biggest Google analytical tools for A/B website testing are finally out of beta and available to everyone and that too free of cost but to some extent! Optimize is the free version while Optimize 360 is the premium version aimed at large business enterprises having bigger and complicated testing needs.

Google Optimize

Yes, there are few restrictions but even when you are getting something as grand as this for free, it is definitely considered as a great deal. This A/B testing platform is definitely worth the shot as it really helps the website owners. to know their development flaws and enable them to correct as per the requirement.

Google Optimize vs. Google Optimize 360 Key Points

It is very obvious that a paid version will be different than a free version in terms of capabilities, affordability and performance. However, when it comes to comparing these two Google analytical tools, the differences are there but not in a sense that you cannot benefit at all with a free version. Here’s the close look.


Those who are trying to target their audiences as defined in Analytics can surely do this in the paid version while those who are opting for Optimize will have to suffer for the same.


The free version optimize will restrict you to 16 experiences per test whereas the paid version will enable to enjoy more tests and more experiences on the whole.

Immediate Campaigns

With the free version, only three simultaneous campaigns can run at one time whereas the paid version will allow users to go for deeper testing for large-scale enterprises.


Similarly, the support system will also be affected. With the free version, you will be deprived of a lot of over the top support systems like self-support and forums.


If you know the difference between three and thirty, you probably know what we mean. Te free version has just three while the premium one goes for more than 30.

Targeting Small Businesses

This free version of Google analytic tool is perfect for small to medium sized businesses that do not have enough resources or the budget required to evaluate and enhance their website performance. This feature allows you to have only 3 simultaneous tests along with target metrics also restricted to three. Through this free tool, the developers can check their website’s best reception for its various versions based on predefined set of objectives. This is important as this really helps to know about the website’s reception at the hands of its users.

 The Live Editor

WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor from Google helps you understand and test your website components on the go. Simply drop and drag the components to enable live user testing and crossing your fingers for the positive results. The live editor helps you in assessing your decision-making capabilities as a developer. Also, it warns what all measures you need to take for the betterment of your website and its performance.

The Response

Google has received a great response after getting its two analytical tools out of beta tags. 250,000 users have already requested Google for having access to Google Optimize since its entry in beta last year. Now available in more than 180 countries, it is a treat for sure to the most of the website owners. If you are a large business enterprise who is looking for more advanced testing features, you can always opt for Optimize 360.The real price has not yet been confirmed by Google but it is assumed to be around $150,000/year.