Social media is a very powerful tool and its value will continue to grow in the future.  Though, social media indirectly affects your ranking. The most prominent way is through the power of your community. Businesses with active social media strategies are prevailing both directly or indirectly.

Social media will help to increase the website visibility. Here’s how…

1. Linking

Linking is considered to be the backbone of SEO.  You should create and update your social profiles with relevant and correct information about your business and then share your website link through social profiles. Although the links given by social media are no-follow, you will get a bit of authority and you can share your name with potential new customers across multiple social media platforms. The users will click through and share with their friends or on other websites which will help to decrease the bounce rate helping SEO to increase the rankings.

 2. Expand Your Reach

Get connected with like-minded individuals all across the globe with the help of social media websites such as LinkedIn, Xing, Ryze which helps in business networking hubs to connect you with the people of similar interests.  You can start building your network with the help of social media sites which will further help in increasing the visibility of your website.

 3. Encouraging External Inbound Links

Social media is useful because it helps external sites to link to your sites which will help you to gain more authority.  To have more external links you need to have high-quality authoritative content. You can use hashtags to gain identification and you can also post your content in existing discussions. Linking with existing forums will boost your social reputation and will also help in increasing the visibility of your website.

 4. Growing Your Number of Followers

The total number of followers you have on your social media profile will significantly influence your rankings. Google can check the quality of your followers so building more number of followers won’t help as long as the followers are of good quality. Growing the number of followers is a slow process but it has long-term effects as long as you are consistent. Conversations and direct customer engagements are important to retain the followers as they encourage current followers to return and further help build your authority for new potential new followers. With the growing followers, the visibility of your website will increase.

 5. Optimize Profiles For Keyword Searches

The first thing you need to do is to identify your foundational SEO keywords and then include them in the headlines, summaries, links, and bios of each of your social media profiles. These keywords can be used in your posts as well. People from social sites might happen to across your company due to the foundation level keywords built into your page which will help them to crawl to your website and thus increase the visibility of your website.

 6. Publish Social Posts Worthy of Backlinks

Social media posts can end up in all sorts of places beyond traditional social networks. They are being used in blog posts and articles, eBooks and slide share presentations. By creating social media content other people want to reference, you will gain backlinks to your social media profiles and website which will increase your authority and visibility of your website.

 7. Cut Down On Word Count

There is no specific length of copy as it varies from platform to platform. The words used should be less for your social media copy. It is observed that the click rate on long paragraph copy is 2-6times lower than the updates with fewer characters. Ex in a Facebook posts the length should be approximately 40 characters long. Rather than using the extended copy in your social media posts use the words which are more accurate and needed. This will help in increasing the visibility to your website.


From the above discussion, it is evident that social media impacts your website ranking either directly or indirectly. While crafting social media posts you should mainly focus on the content of your social media posts that will make you stand out from the crowd thus helping the audience visit your website. You should always make your content short, brief and easy to enjoy at a glance.