It is a step in understanding natural language queries. It was officially launched in October 2015. It’s a subsystem of Google that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce the search results for the queries which are complex. This system converts the search which is made by the users in the form of mathematical patterns which are further processed by the search engines. Rankbrain Algorithm also uses the semantic search which was implemented by hummingbird to relate unfamiliar words semantically to the words which are known. With the help of this, the system will learn by itself in future and the search engine would now be able to understand natural and unique queries.

Google Rankbrain Algorithm converts the human language into mathematical entities which are termed as “Vectors” which allows it to easily understand the search queries. If the machine sees unfamiliar queries it tries to make some guesses to get the similar meaning and further filter the results accordingly and handle the puzzling queries smartly. Google handles millions of queries daily of which 15% are completely new which includes phrases, concepts, and questions and in order to evaluate these patterns Google uses more than 200 factors to improve the results. After years of research, Rankbrain was implemented which was applied globally after a short period of the trial. Along with content and links, Rankbrain has also become one of the important ranking factors.

The following factors are the reasons behind Google Rank brain’s introduction

Handling Complex Searches

Almost 15% of all the searches done by Google relates to big, complex and new searches. Due to the absence of handling such new searches in history, Google requires a way to relate them to the previous searches in order to get more accurate results.

Managing Ambiguity

The searches made by Google involves a number of puzzle keywords whose meaning differ according to the different context. By having a self-learning Algorithm which can process the previous searches helps Google in finding out the meaning of the keyword more effectively.

Increasing Accuracy

By understanding the context of a keyword, it creates more accuracy than matching the exact keyword with variants of the keywords. It is applicable to misspellings, abbreviations, and singular/plural.

Google Rankbrain is often confused with knowledge Graph which is also an Algorithm program but it is not directly connected with it. It is also not any kind of algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird but it just works with Hummingbird in order to generate more meaningful results for complex queries. It is a series of mathematical equations that learns by itself. It is neither a search engine nor a robot.

Effect of Google Rankbrain on SEO

The first step in developing SEO campaign is always about defining your keywords. While you are defining your keywords, you will be looking for relevant keywords to your business which is searched by customers. This foundation part of SEO process is what Rankbrain will most affect. Before the introduction of Rankbrain Algorithm Google managers used to create a mathematical algorithm that would determine search rankings. With the introduction of Rankbrain that Algorithm is learning and constantly changing and as a result of which SEO campaign has to be more adaptable to changes in search engine rankings landscape.


SEO is going bigger day by day. The search engine proved that the machine learning will take over the things as the performance given by it is much better than what was expected. As long as we are preparing content for humans and not for search engines our SEO efforts will always remain successful and humans are and will be the most important factor in SEO.