Harpal Singh


As Director of Xcelance Web Solutions and Digital Marketing Head, Harpal Singh Google analytic and hubspot certified analyst with 14 years of professional experience in the Information Technology sector has managed all of the functional areas of product technology from strategy to implementation while reducing costs, improving effectiveness and returning the focus to client needs from internal matters. With a proven track record of extensive and successful leadership experience, he utilizes his vast background knowledge and a professional skill set to contribute to the success of Xcelance Web Solutions.Read More..

As founder and CEO of Xcelance web solutions, Sushil Kumar is responsible for the company’s vision and leads the organization’s global operations, marketing, sales and development efforts. He founded Xcelance web Solutions with a vision to provide unbiased solutions in Project Management, Software Design& Development, Web Development as well as Team Management.
He has an eagle eye passion for detail and commitment towards clients, and blends it with an implementation style that has the ripeness of a reputable organization with the nimbleness of a startup – these together have enabled Xcelance web solutions to stand apart in the exceedingly competitive software development Industry.Read More..

Sushil Kumar


Vipul Verma


Vipul Verma started his career in 2005 and has steadily grown with the organization ever since. In his current role as a Project Manager, he heads a large quality engineering group, manages client relationship for some key accounts and also actively contributes to and manages an important section of the organization’s marketing, sales, and client engagement activities.
Vipul Verma has a keen understanding of the business, managing revenues, and portfolio priorities while also knowing how to manage his Team for great results.Read More..