It is the technique of increasing the visibility of your website on organic search engine results. It can be done by introducing user-friendly elements in the search engine. Both technical and creative elements can be used to increase the traffic and visibility and to increase the awareness in search engines. It helps in boosting the content so that the content will be placed where the searchers will find it more efficiently. Earlier a site appears in the search engine results, the more users it will receive from the search engine users, these visitors can be converted into customers. It targets different types of search such as image search, video search or academic search.

The following are the methods to improve the visibility of your website in 2017

  • Getting Indexed
  • Preventing crawling
  • Increasing prominence
  • White hat versus black hat techniques
  • As a marketing strategy
  • International markets
  • Legal precedents

Search engine optimization can further be classified into two categories

  • On page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

It refers to the factors that have an effect on your website or your web page listed in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, Meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

The following are the different measures which can be used to increase your page rankings on search engines In 2017.


It is one of the most important SEO factors on your website. Each page on the website should have a title which further includes the description and the content regarding it.

Example if you are blogging regarding natural skin care products then you can give a title as organic skincare regimes and further give the content regarding that.


These descriptions are an important place to include relevant keywords for your content which are used within the search results

Example if we continue taking natural skincare example then for a good meta description we can use all the major keywords and related ones such as these products are chemical free, without any preservation and is edible too. The Meta description should be easy and short.


Meta tags can be included in each of your pages. It is the set of relevant keywords which are used in your content.


Search engine friendly URL’S should be included in each of your pages to bring better crawling to your site. URL’S should be shorter and it should include all the relevant keywords. The location of the keywords also helps in making it efficient and effective.


While forming an article, the content should be broken into smaller sections and paragraphs to make it easier for visitors to read. The sections can further be given subheadings. The main heading such as H1 can be used for the title page and further headings such as H2, H3 and all can be used for further subheadings. These headings are used by crawlers to differentiate important content.


The content with relevant keywords is very important but it should be checked that the quality of words used should be appropriate and the words should not be overused or repeated more frequently. The density of the words should be approximately 2-5%.


Another way to make your site more visually appealing in 2017 can be using images to your content. The descriptions can be used for your images to make it more efficient for the visitors.


Placing links to your other web pages will help in improving your site. Internal links can be of great help in SEO 2017. It helps the visitors to crawl around your site and helps them in getting all the content. It also helps the search engine to find all your pages and content. 


It refers to the measures which are taken outside the boundaries of your website. These factors are not used by you or coding on your page. Off-site SEO can be beneficial for the owner of the website in following ways

  • Increase in rankings
  • More exposure

The following are the methods that are used for offline search engine optimization


Link building is the most effective off-page method in 2017. With the help of external links to your website, you can compete with the competitors and get your website a high ranking. It is the combination of several different skills such as content, sales, programming, marketing, and psychology to attract other people to your website in 2017. The link’s position on a page is important. A link is said to be editorially placed if a visitor link to your page because they find your site attractive.


Social media can be of great help for your off-site SEO 2017. There should be always someone who can monitor your social media account, answer the queries of the visitors and be interactive with the visitors.


Influencers help in boosting your offline SEO. It can be useful by knowing the influencers as a person, have a personal interaction with them with the help of group chats, tweets etc. With the help of this, your brand is recognizable and will help in sharing content. 


The words used in the content should be appropriate to attract a large number of visitors. To make your site more attractive more images and videos should be added. The videos can be shared on social media sites such as SnapChat, Facebook, and youtube to attract the number of visitors. 


The basic idea is to find the competitors those who have low-quality content and improve upon them. It also aims at reaching out the sites which are linked to lower quality pages and get them the link to you.


It is helpful in creating brand value as well as we will get high authority backlinks from there.


Guest posting is the process of writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. It is the best source of high authority backlinks. With the help of guest posting, you can enter an already established community. It helps you to connect with new people.


Putting information or news on social bookmarking websites gives us a decent backlink as well as social signals.


It is the technique of increasing the visitors to your site by using different elements. There are different techniques in 2017 which are helpful and you can increase your visibility by using various on page and off page optimization techniques which helps in improving your content on your website and outside of your website too. Proper implementing of all SEO factors will increase metrics automatically.

SEO is of great importance as it helps in getting the high return on investment. A properly designed and optimized site will maintain a position in the longer term rankings and increases the brand visibility. SEO 2017 is cost-effective ways of marketing which help in higher sales.

On page and off page SEO work together to improve your search engine rankings, balancing the two makes your site bilingual so that the users and search engine robots can understand it and helps to improve the ranking.