Search Engine Optimization has always been measured to be more of an art than science & the scenery of SEO is continually shifting as algorithms are being changed by Google. This is the reason why it is forever a fine thought for most websites & industry owners to have an SEO professional readily available to direct them in their SEO drives. But, there are some companies who do not recruit SEO professionals in their premises and as a result, they could not able to synchronize with the current SEO strategies but the basics strategies of SEO can be recognized.

So, if you are looking for methods to improve your ranking, we have few guidelines to help you to achieve that as these guidelines will drive a lot of traffic to your website!

1. Mobile Compatibility

As these days the trend of mobile is going on so, it is necessary that your website supports mobile. Moreover, the indexing system of Google prefers mobile than other platforms. In order to improve your website ranking, make your website mobile-friendly. Additionally, you can check out the mobile usability report by signing into your account in order to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not. After reading the report, it will help you solve the problem to make your website mobile friendly.

2. Link Building

Link building is still the way to go according to the Google. It is significant that you get a lot of external links as possible. Though, ensure that every link is appropriate & comes from an official site. To be more specific, you may desire to get links from a site that functions in the similar business as yours. This will assist you to keep your ranking higher in the search engines.

3. CTR & User Experience

As said by Google, CTR & user experience are the chief ranking factors in SEO. In fact, user experience covers almost all features of the communication of a guest with your corporation, services & products. Consequently, if you make the user experience better, you will definitely get more and more clients. To be more specific, higher is the CTR, higher is your ranking. In fact, if your blog or content have traffic for a longer period then probably you are going to have a better ranking.

4. Keyword Research

If we talk about past, keyword research was very important for SEO & it still important at present. Whether you have your own business, blog or website, selecting the right keywords is very significant for ranking. In fact, it is the right keywords only that will allow the search engine identify what your blog or site is all about. These days most people make use of keywords to hunt what they need online. In order to make your search simpler, you can use varieties of keyword research tools.

5. Optimize for Voice Search

The precision of voice recognition is improving day by day & as a result, more and more people are making use of voice search. So, it is the time to add voice recognition optimization to your search engine optimization timetable. You should think about how people will verbalize their search, instead of typing it & then start including those long search terms in your content.

6. Check the Speed of Your Site

With the rising significance of mobiles, the pace of a website is going to be more significant in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It has been expected that, if a website visited on a mobile does not open in 3 sec then over half the visitors will stop using that site & search for another website.

7. Think About User Intent

SEO is not only to attract customers to visit your site but it is about getting the potential customer to visit your site. Look for long keywords that will allure more and more customers instead who are immense for the stats, but do not buy anything.


Here are few types of research and study of 2017 to recognize what will work better for any kind of business. These are the trends that are possible to grow fame in the SEO this 2017. Making an SEO strategy needs a lot of time and knowledge that is why most of the business owners recruit SEO Expert for health advice.