There are numbers of tools available when it comes to design, that can help you get the job done. The use of Photoshop has not been stopped by people these days but, has been slowed. With the development of Sketch, the use of Photoshop has been reduced by people as Sketch provides enough tools to get the work done. Sketch, brought to us by Bohemian Coding, is rising in popularity with each passing day and though it is still pretty new compared to other mainstream design tools, yet it is gaining more and more users day by day.

Sketch vs Photoshop

Here are some of the reasons why sketch is becoming so popular compared to Photoshop

1. Artboards

Making several art boards becomes very easy when used Sketch. Just press A and voila, you have an artboard! Then, Sketch will demonstrate a file of the 28 most frequent screen icon sizes that you can choose from. This is completely supportive when making a responsive design because receiving the right size when producing a copy is a breeze.

2. Mood-boards

Sketch also makes mood-boards smooth to build and a better resource for the project. Initially, note that all of your files are in 1 document. Sketch has a page drawer in the artboard sidebar that permits you to rapidly scroll between files. For great projects like this one, it was mainly kind to be able to swiftly jump from side to side between the site tree, your mood board and your mockups as you design or make changes.

3. Sketch Toolbox

After using Sketch, it is extremely suggested that you download the Sketch Toolbox first. This is a plug-in manager that facilitates you to surf openly and set up the plugins you want. The toolbox is also helpful for you to correctly monitor the plugins you are using.

4. Vector-Based

We are now in a period of responsive design and the key to attaining this is to use vectors in building one. Designers considering, narrow screen versus wide screens, HD versus normal definition displays and so much of other things when coming up with a design. Though, coming with a different mockup for each set of sizes is a procedure that demands much time. With the help of Sketch, this is not a trouble as of features which facilitate you to liberally resize objects. Visualize the time and energy that you can save just with this feature alone.

5. Sketch Mirror

In comparison to other vector-based programs, Sketch is also pixel-aware. As the shapes that you make constantly come to the nearest pixel, there is no need for you to be anxious about fuzzy lines and images. With the help of Sketch Mirror plug-in, one can simply open your documents and see how your design would look on smart devices. The plug-in also permits you to directly preview the modification you have made, that helps you make final twist based on what your customer needs, particularly if you are face to face with each other.

6. Ease of Color Management

Organizing the colors of the project you are working on is also very easy with Sketch because you can easily create a color palette on the mood board. The most common colors you use will be dragged out above your references so that you can simply use them in the future when you work on some different project. In addition to this, Sketch permits you to admission all your files in a single document. It is a much easy for you to copy and paste objects and object styles that include color gradients and color fill, from all your files. This is something that Photoshop is clearly missing, perhaps not realizing the ease this feature provides.

7. Built-In Layout Grid

One another trait of Sketch is its built-in layout grid. You do not have to rely on a plug- which is not really easy to edit. With Sketch, sticking a transparent layout guide and changing the column and gutter sizes is a piece of cake.