Social media plays an important role in almost each and everything that surrounds us. With the development of social media platform, targeting potential customers have become much easier than before. Social media is one of the enormous innovations in terms of communication. In order to boost the occupancy of your brand, you have to be effective in almost all forms of social media. To select the perfect social media platform for you to connect with your clients, get some time to enlighten yourself with every network, how it works and what census use that platform. Finding out the best social media platform can be quite hectic as it is very difficult to pick up the best social media platform for your business.

Have a look at some of the admired social media platform for your local business

 1. Facebook

The largest social network in the world of web is Facebook with more than 1.59 billion users. Facebook is the biggest social network both in terms of a number of users as well as name reorganization. Facebook is the way by which people from all over the world connect with your business. Facebook is the best starting point for the growth of your new and existing business as it has a lot of options for any kind of business. For the development of your business, you can use Facebook to share the updates on your company, important videos and photos of your business and much more. The best thing about Facebook is that you need less maintenance than other social network platforms.

 2. Twitter

There are almost 300 million users of twitter all over the world. Twitter has been depicted as SMS of the web as the posts in twitter are short and up to the point. Posts in twitter have up to 140 characters and can be arranged by hashtags. Twitter is an amazing way to connect with people to expand your business whether it is a start-up or an existing business. You can use hashtags like ‘try it!’ if you are promoting one of your product of your business. Additionally, more people share your post, the more followers you will make and it would definitely help you to promote your business faster. 

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has 135 million users in more than 200 countries. If your business is related to the B2B then LinkedIn is the best social network platform for your business. It is very easy to connect with business professionals in LinkedIn as LinkedIn permits you to object them by job title, industry and much more. Moreover, LinkedIn groups for different business are the best feature of LinkedIn. 

4. Instagram

Instagram is a visual social media network depends on video and photo posts. Instagram now owned by Facebook has around 700 million users. Most of the people post things related to travel, food, fashion, art and much more. Instagram is famous for its exclusive filters along with its video & photo editing options. As a business owner, you can upload the best images and videos related to your business to make more and more followers on Instagram. As a result, you will gain more followers and more people will come to know about your business. Additionally, this social media platform is entirely based on photos and videos and if your business is related to this field then the chances of growth of your business will be more. 

5. YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing social network having more than a billion users all over the globe. Here, people can sight, rate, upload, comment and share the content that has been posted. YouTube is now owned by Google and is a vast core for entertainment and news. Most of the businesses on YouTube have visual, creative and educational modules. Though, your own business does not need a channel to promote on YouTube. Moreover, there are vloggers known as YouTubers who posts regular videos and usually uphold great viewers. Most of the business people become the partner with these YouTubers for their product marketing as they previously have occupied audiences.


For a business whether a start-up or an existing business, it has to get promoted. The business will not grow at all if the business that particular has not been known by the people. That is why it has been said that marketing is a very crucial part for the development of the business. The above described social media platforms will make you different from others. The chance of growth increases with the use of these platforms in your business.