ROI of the company shows that the marketing efforts of the company are working or not. The clients and supervisors investing in your company need to know if the company is successful. ROI is important for social media companies, consultants and for in house staff. The key dispute in calculating ROI is holding on the modifications in algorithms, applying new devices that punch the marketplace and trying to your customers that they are gaining the top investment they made.

Social Media ROI


The following are the tools to measure social media ROI


Kissmetrics is a great tool to evaluate customer behavior and ROI. Kissmetrics is created to exaggerate success of the market and ROI. Kissmetrics helps you to track individuals, group of similar individuals and the clients as an entire during the visit to your website. Here, people are followed frequently on their first visit, completely through different visits and even after they have left and return. The most stands out feature of kissmetrics are that it records when customers leave and return and what they do after returning.

The ROI coming from any social media platform can be tracked such as Facebook, Twitter or any other site. It allows you to track the complete lifecycle of the customer more accurately which consecutively contribute relevant data of ROI and let you check which compensated marketing causes are really converting and working.


Social media is used to combine with fresh public and develop latest leads. If you want to generate new leads you should calculate your customer’s lifetime value. It helps you to find out what a new lead is costing you and whether it is worth it or not. This tool is helpful in creating CLV’s for your different group of customers. By experiencing a predicted CLV you can rapidly decide how greatly you are eager to use engagement campaigns or lead generation on social media platform.


This tool helps to calculate CLV automatically and further, it helps to smash the CLV downward to demonstrate the social media that you sent the customer in the first place. It also offers special features such as churn analysis which provides you an insight of your customer’s behavior and analysis about marketing ROI. It also helps you to choose which social advertise stage are functioning for you and which to spend into. It will help you to repeat orders success from diverse basis.


Cyfe is an all in one social tool which helps you to get a plenty information about how the content of your company is shared on social media and how does it impact your overall ROI. The widgets can be used to create a customized dashboard which helps you to see the reporting on Facebook ads, Twitter engagement, Shopify orders and sales or Google analytics. You can choose from different categories of widgets such as advertising, blogging, email tracking, social media and more.

It has some really interesting social tracking features combined with detailed ROI. For example ‘TWITTER MENTION WIDGET’. This feature helps you to track the number of twitter mentions on a certain keyword or hash tag. With the help of Cyfe, you can track sales, invoices, social media mentions, visit your site and expenses quickly and easily.


Google analytics allows you to see where your traffic is coming from and how the users interact with your sites, including the users coming from social media. It helps you to track conversions by taking the whole buying cycle into consideration. You can track the response to different social campaigns and check which is more useful to move more users to your site and track specific conversions.

Google analytics helps to track social media activity including ad campaigns. Social analytics section can be used to measure the value of the social referrals that come to your site and further it gives a complete and accurate view of social ROI.


ROI is very important to tell the customers that the company they are investing in is safe and the marketing concepts are running well in the company. ROI helps the company to know which customers are checking our site and which customers are actually coming back and giving business to the company.