Every year new social media predictions are made to make sure the businesses prepare themselves in advance. Preparing in advance means preparing in a way which boosts their marketing skills along tough competition with competitors! Social media optimization is always changing with the new trends in the online world. The taste and demand of users change rapidly in a gap of three years or more.

This makes us wonder whether the businesses following the same principles of 2014 in 2017 will succeed or not? Online marketers and bloggers are always gearing themselves with unique and advanced ways of promoting businesses. So, let’s see how far the approach of social media marketing has gone past in 2017 from 2014!

Social Media trends 2017

Boosting Content Marketing

There can hardly be any predictions about social media marketing without touching the topic of content. 2014 predictions greatly emphasized on the content becoming more and more interactive. Having said that, this surely has been true and it still counts in 2017. However, it does not provide that much success as it used to in 2014.

In 2017, content is just not limited to text, it has taken the shape of audio and video too. Live video content is prevailing like anything on social fronts covering the latest and hoping things around the globe. Apart from infographics, ephemeral content is gaining popularity. It is made for a purpose and ends soon after serving the purpose!


2014 saw a drastic change in the advertising industry. Everything was going paid one after the other. If a business wished to reach their target audience, they had to shell out some bucks. This is quite the reality today as well but it has taken a completely different route. In 2017, the platforms have changed for advertisement.
Mobile advertising is the latest trend that has given a new shape to advertising in 2017. Users are switching to smartphones and tablets for accessing websites and this is the reason mobile advertising has taken a boost! Messaging apps are also becoming a favorite amongst various brands.


Google+ gained wide popularity amongst businesses looking for ways other than Facebook to promote their brand. This surely has benefitted a lot of businesses in the past. With the competition getting bigger in 2017, Google had started realizing the same a long time back.

This is the reason Google+ is no more restricted to just making accounts and promoting oneself. Communities are suggested as per your profiles to increase your social circle and also link to various Google products out there. This way you get the maximum reach support through Google in the social circle.

Improved Social Listening

Enterprises realized the importance of reacting to negative feedbacks and customer support in 2014. There was this constant messaging and e-mailing to customers regarding brand’s latest news, lead generation or support services.
In 2017, the messaging has been replaced by chat boxes. Users can live chat with their brands and get all their doubts cleared within seconds. Such kind of social media monitoring tools is becoming a favorite amongst brands in 2017.

Snapchat and Instagram

Snapchat and Instagram were seen as a massive opportunity to promote products and services by brands in 2014. They achieved great success too and this still is the case in 2017, with the only difference coming in approach. The strategies and techniques used to promote a brand in 2014 don’t go too well in 2017.

This is the reason a lot of changes have taken place in this regard out of sheer competition. For example, Snapchat has started using live videos across the board and enabled GoPro to have an edge. Also, its spectacle features AR/MR shopping, changing the wearable facilities altogether. Instagram, on the other hand, has deployed all these features but has gone a one step forward. It has worked extremely well in terms of user experience, making it a favorite in the current times.