Magento is a wonderful application that has facilitated a range of small, medium and large ventures present a grateful stage on the field of web. While Magento e-commerce platform lets consumers have easy access to applications and other add-one required for the even performance of the website, it is that preservation that needs fair consideration. Magneto being the new invention e-commerce platform has a lot to offer if properly exploited. Change is good and when it comes to information technology. It becomes crucial to keep pace with the emerging techniques around the globe. Magento 2 is one such technology which is getting popular these days. With many of remarkable features, Magento 2 was commenced in June 2015. Flexible architecture, the checkout process, and User-friendly back-end UI are some of the terrific features of this new edition of Magento that are seizing the interest of business persons. Magento 2 is thought to enlarge the e-commerce experience for both admins and clientele.

In order to get more details on why you should upgrade to Magento 2, here are few points for you!

1. Integrates Modern Technology

Performance has always been one of the major problems that business holder come across on Magento 1. Here is how Magento 2 resolves this particular problem in a very easy way. For using Magento 2, business persons need not install the module of the third party on the server. Magento 2 helps improve the speed of the web stores as it supports the latest versions of PHP that already have security fixes. In Magento 2, there are some inbuilt tools through which, images can be optimized directly on the server. Moreover, the clients are not supposed to perform extra browser’s operations because Magento 2 has packed and minimized JavaScript.

2. Responsive Admin Panel

The Admin Panel of Magento 2 has got some astonishing developments. In comparison to Magento 1, it is more smart and user-friendly. Navigation, store management and Information search to all parts of Admin Panel are rather easy in Magento 2. Uploading new products is easier with Magento 2. Along with images and description; you can also upload videos of the product. With Magento 2, you can add or remove the columns on the customer management or orders grid on your own, without seeking the help of the developer.

3. Search Engine Optimization and Security

From the viewpoint of SEO and security, Magento 2 surpasses Magento 1. Magento 2 has equipped hashing algorithms for passwords. Rich snippets on the catalog pages brighten search result in the search engines.

4. Improved Fronted Performance

The new Luma theme of Magento 2 emerges far better than the default theme of Magento 1. Users can easily access the store via any mobile or desktop device. Setting the Guest Checkout feature to ‘yes’ in the Admin Panel will make it easy for the users to navigate. Furthermore, Magento 2 can automatically search the existing registered customers by examining their email address. In order to view the primary content, the website visitors won’t have to hang around for the whole page to load. Magento 2 has a checkout process that lets customers create an account on the checkout success page, thus simplifying the registration process.

5. Improved Productivity

Magento 2 can take your business to new heights by letting you manage your store more efficiently. Magento 2 comes with new Admin Panel Design that provides an interface to your site. With the introduction of Visual Design Editor, you can easily blocks and containers even if you don’t possess specialized technical knowledge.

6. Enhanced Scalability

Magento 2 features improved indexes with more efficient updates. It accelerates the query speed, ultimately improving the performance of your store. To reduce server load and speed up page load, Magento 2 is integrated with Varnish Cache. Moreover, several admin users can create and edit products simultaneously, without any concern of data conflicts.


It will be a good decision if you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as it’ll help you get profitable returns on your investment. Magento 2 is certainly going to be a huge platform for Magento Developers as well as merchants. Features like multi-warehouse support, usability enhancements for Admin Panel, new search capability, better preview functionality, and performance and scalability updates make the future of Magento 2 promising.