Web design trends keep on varying depending on responses of the customers. It has been the great year for web designing the website with people trying to turn up with some thoughts. In fact, web design trends are really unpredictable. There are varieties of factors that affect web design trends so; it is very difficult to predict what trends will lead in future. The year 2017 is going to be over & experts in web design can explain the essential advancements that are likely to be in practice in 2018. In this article, we are going to find out more about the new trends and the way they will affect the overall web design industry in 2018.

Here are some of the web design trends in 2018!

1. Clean Layouts

In the year 2017, developers and designers started producing simple and clean websites for better performance of mobile. Most of the websites are loaded with lots of images and are slow to load which makes the users frustrated. With the time, the number of mobile searches is growing faster so the continuation of this trend can be expected. In the year 2018, new technology will feature augmented reality, chatbots, interactive animations, etc. You don’t need a website with diverting and showy graphics when you have new interfaces to connect customers.

2. Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) make use of technology to attach devices to the internet. Smart light bulbs and apps that help you track down your lost keys are some of the examples of IoT. Most of the websites today make use the technology of IoT. In the year 2018, we can look ahead to see IoT interfaces on websites that let you communicate with smart devices. A smarter website means a difficult backend, but an expert web developer will get you linked and make an interface that is easy to use.

3. Virtual Reality Video

In the year 2017, we observed the growth of video on various websites. It looked like each website has a video intro, so we could see the faces after the services and products we use regularly. We also witnessed a growth in services and apps that make it easier to make videos. In the year 2018, we can expect to see websites tricked out with 360 modeling, 360 videos, interactive videos, and video mapping. While these videos are expensive and take much time but, there are in fact apps already accessible that make virtual reality videos easily.

4. Chatbots, AI, and Machine Learning

It’s been a long time; we have been communicating more and more with bots. When you speak with your mobile service provider, you may get bots interacting with you. At the very beginning, the bots appear to be more complex to solve problems, but gradually, they have become smarter to improved machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence). In the year 2018, the continuation of this technology can be expected and to be incorporate and perfect. The time is very near when web interactions will become flawless. Visualize a website that already knows precisely what your client is seeking by only examining their past communications with your company. Customer service using the web is becoming faster and more professional each day. Never ignore them in your web design.

5. Security

You must have seen every time you read your news website, there is a story about a malicious hacker. Security is at the front position of our minds and it is taking center stage when it comes to web development and web design. Google has already taken steps to inform customers of extremely harmful websites. If you are thinking about your web design then ensure to consider the security of the information of your customer. Ensure your security certificate is up to date on all pages. Clients will only cooperate with your website and download the content from your website if they trust you.


With the above trends, 2018 appears to be a great year ahead for interesting website concepts to come into the market. Innovative thinkers are likely to research more and construct fresh looking websites. Moreover, the web designing trend does not begin and end in the very 1st month of the year. There are detailed amendments in trends as the year grows.