Web Designing is filled with lot many latest Web Designing trends this year. Many of them have launched few years back and many made their appearance this year itself. Infinite Scrolling is in trend for few years but it actually hit the mainstream in 2013, when I saw many popular social media websites have started using infinite scrolling onto their timelines, dashboards, userfeeds and homepages. Infinite Scrolling has many names like unpaginate, autopagerize and endless pages. Now question arises why, where and how to use Infinite scrolling??

But first we must know what Infinite Scrolling is?

Infinite Scrolling is pre-fetching or pre-loading the content of next or subsequent web pages to the user’s current webpage. In simple terms it preloads and appends the next set of posts or content or images automatically to the current webpage when user reaches the end of the current Web Designingpage. It is Web Designing to save time of loading next page. User need not to click next button to see next page. It saves time and enhances user experience. When you reach the bottom you’ll be seeing a loading icon which indicates loading the next set of post on the same webpage.

Why to use Infinite Scrolling?

Infinite Scrolling enhances user experience by making website more natural and fluid. It is a better alternative for lazzy loading which provides faster browsing. Greater content exposure and easy navigation is another reason to use infinite scrolling. Since Google Panda took website loading speed into consideration for ranking website, infinite scrolling can do wonder to rank website high in search engine results.

How to use Infinite Scrolling?

Using infinite scrolling depends upon the requirement of your website. There are number of plugins available over web, which you can download from the internet and use for your website. For example to use infinite scroll for wordpress site, you need to follow some set of instructions to install the infinite scroll plugin. By logging into your wordpress website, add a new from menu, search for infinite scroll plugin, click install and activate the plugin. Instructions of Installing or using plugin varies from site to site, so you need to research which suits best for your website and use it accordingly.

Where to use Infinite Scrolling?

It is important to understand that not every website need infinite scroll. Infinite scrolling goes well when you don’t need a specific pagination style. Websites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Plus are making great use of infinite scrolling because information on these sites is dynamic and constantly changing. Users on such site would not like to click next and next and wait to see feed or tweets on next pages as it consumes time. Infinite scrolling is incredibly efficient for touch screens i.e. mobile or tablet. Making navigation easy, it can be found on number of mobile apps.

As discussed earlier Infinite Scrolling came into existence few years back but it made impact in 2013 and hopefully it will continue the same in coming years, giving more enhanced experience to users. We will keep updating you about latest trends and technologies. Keep yourself glued with us.