The nature of web development is constantly changing and it is essential that businesses keep up with the latest web development trends to take full advantage of all that their online presence can do for them and keep ahead of the competition.

Web Development Trends

Take a look at this list of the most advanced development trends in 2017 that will soon become standard aspects of the more successful websites

1. Typography

One of the biggest issues faced by users is the inability of reading text on mobile apps. As of 2017, web development companies will focus on this issue and fix it once and for all. Blogs, corporate sites, and publishers are working on integrating larger text and smart layouts. This kind of a balancing act is helping to create optimal sites for tablets, desktop, and mobile devices. Web developers and designers are focusing on ways to present site experiences that work in a world with many kinds of devices.

2. QR Codes

QR states for Quick Response. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are readable by the cameras on smartphones or dedicated QR readers. They look like black and white grid-based patterns and you’ve probably seen them on billboards, bus stops or magazines as a part of various ad campaigns. QR codes are decoded quickly by smartphones and can be an alluring way to lead new clients to your mobile compatible online store or profile! It has already been established that web development needs to move towards increased compatibility with mobile devices and QR codes provide an interesting and fun way of realizing the advantages of mobile web development.

3. Blogs

Although maintaining a blog may seem like a lot of work for a small business, the benefits blogs bring far outweigh any initial hesitations you may have. Blogs are becoming essential web development techniques not just for small businesses but websites in general because they typify the modern attitude users take to the web. This attitude expects a continual turnover of fresh, interesting and informative content and the ability to publicly respond to this comment. Modern website development has a focus on connecting users, typified by the popular social site Facebook and blogs provide an easy avenue for connecting with your clients.

4. Social Media

It may have been said before, but the message is only becoming more relevant: the use of social media is indispensable in website development for small businesses. Social media works so well for small businesses because it has the capacity to emphasize just what is unique and special about your business – whether that is a local presence or an avid niche market. The key to reaching web development success with social media is to consolidate your various efforts into one clean stream of information and responses on your website that reaches a wider audience through various ports.

5. Responsive Design

Since the inception of touch-based internet-enabled devices, internet world was looking at the changing behavior of online visitors. Eventually, online users started spending the majority of their virtual engagement time on their SmartPhones. Therefore, the need of a responsive web design emerged. Responsive is the way to go. If your web development project does not include a responsive design, you might as well not develop a website at all! It’s becoming more of a mandate rather than a good to have options. Mobiles are becoming the center of all internet access and if you decide to develop a website, it must work well on a mobile phone! New challenges in responsive are – wearable! With Google’s Glass and Apple’s watch already launched, many more technology providers will soon be in the race.

If you intend to grab the attention of your visitors in the very first second of website viewing then you should update your website with these bourgeoning developing ideas. Adopting these web development trends, along with many more techniques such as SEO and use of multimedia, can easily increase the success of your business’s website.